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1Remote Quick Start


PRemoteM vs 1Remote

1Remote is the upgraded version of PRemoteM.

1Remote is open source and free to use.



Adding Servers

Manually Adding a Server

  1. Click the + button in the upper-right corner of the main window.


  2. Choose a protocol, such as RDP, SSH, or VNC, at the top of the pop-up window. add-server

  3. Set the server's name, label, notes (supports Markdown), and other information and save.

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Migrate from PRemoteM

Since PRemoteM is our old name, our migration tool will auto detect your old data when your first start 1Remote.

If the you miss the auto-migration, you can still import it manually:

  1. In PRemoteM export all data following the Data export guide, you will get a *.prma file.
  2. In 1Remote click the + button in the upper-right corner then click the Import button, select the *.prma file you just exported in the pop-up dialog by select the file filter *.*, and click "Open" to complete the import.

Starting Remote Connections

Starting from the main window

Simply double-click a server to open the corresponding remote session.

Starting from the Launcher

Press default shortcut Alt + M to show the launcher, then:


  • type the keyword to select server you want then press Enter to start.
  • Right to show menu for the selected server.
  • Tab to show the Quick Connect view.

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  • Change language: Setting -> General -> Language
  • Change theme: Setting -> Theme -> Theme. On this page, you can also customize your favorite color scheme.
  • Change SSH color scheme: Setting -> Protocol -> SSH -> KiTTY -> Themes

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