1Remote is a modern personal remote session manager and launcher. It is a single place to manage all your remote sessions supporting number of different protocols.

Open source & Free to use
Support RDP, SSH, VNC, Telnet, (S)FTP, RemoteApp
Multi-screen and HiDPI RDP connection
Quick and convenient remote session launcher (Alt + M)
Keep multiple accounts and addresses in one connection.
Tabbed interface, Multiple languages, themes...
Easy to deploy, just unpack and run with portable mode.
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Make life easier with 1Remote!

1Remote simplifies remote session management with a single hub for multiple protocols.

You can easily switch between sessions with convenient launcher (Alt + M) and tabbed interface.

📌 One launcher, all your favorites!

📌 Tabbed interface for easy access.

📌 We encrypted credentials for peace of mind!

📌 Keep data secure & sync by shared database with `OneDrive`.

📌 Multi-language for people all over the world.

Supported languages:English, 简体中文, Deutsch, Français, čeština, Portuguese, 日本語, 正體中文and more...Thanks to our translators🎉(and Google translated😀)

Solution for all of your servers

One platform, all protocols:
✅ RemoteApp learn more
✅ Other cli tools learn more

Multiple monitors
meet high resolution RDP

Harness the power of multiple monitors in high definition via RDP!
Take remote work to the next level.

The developer said: I developed this tool precisely because other tools were unable to run RDP smoothly in my high-resolution, multi-display environments when I WFH!

Connect the way you want

Say goodbye to complicated commands and clunky interfaces, and hello to a world of effortless connectivity. With 1Remote, you can easily start RDP, SSH, FTP, and SFTP sessions from your favorite CLI tools like WinSCP and TightVNC - no need to change your workflow! Experience the power of seamless remote access with 1Remote. Try it now and see the difference!

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Streamline your server management

✨ Access your PC effortlessly with automatic LAN and WAN address switching.

✨ Manage multiple user accounts seamlessly, and switch between them with ease.

✨ Auto scrip help you open vpn automatic before start new session.

Take control of your server like never before!

Learn more About Multi-credential Learn more About Auto script

Achieve more with team sharing

🚀 Share servers with team in real-time.
🚀 Increase productivity with teamwork.
🚀 Keep data secure with controlled access.
🚀 Versatile sharing for team needs.

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What Our Users Are Saying

Over 10,000 users worldwide have downloaded 1Remote from Microsoft Store and reported 90% satisfaction rate