SSH Tunnel

You can set up a SSH tunnel by:

  1. download and start Kitty portable
  2. enter a hostname and a name in "Saved Sessions/New Folder"
  3. click "Connection" -> "SSH" -> "Tunnels"
  4. enter a source port, for example 777
  5. enter a destination, for example "" - a web interface that is reachable from the host we connect to
  6. click "Add"
  7. go back to "Session" and click "Save (d)"

    Now there is a new file in ..\kitty-portable-win32-\data\config\Sessions\

  8. Open 1Remote and add a SSH server with the hostname and name you entered in step 2, in KiTTY Session field, select the file you created in step 7.

Thanks to @BurtGummer from: for providing the solution.