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Use online database

1Remote supports various data sources such as local SQLite databases and online MySQL databases. You can connect to multiple databases at the same time. which allows you to store different server information in different databases and connect to different databases on different devices for flexible data management.


This is where configuring multiple databases becomes useful:

  • At home: Connect to the MySQL database on your NAS to manage your personal servers when you back home.
  • On work: Connect to both the MySQL on your home NAS and the MySQL on your company server to access the servers for work when you are in your office.
  • For team: With MySQL, you can share the server with your colleagues, make them connect to different MySQL database can make sure they can only see the servers they have permission to access, more detail: Team sharing


Go to Options -> Database -> MySQL to set up the database


Fill the database info, make sure your account have the permission to read & write the database.


Press Save and your database will on the list. If connect failed, the database will be marked with a red cross.


If there are multiple databases, you need select the database when you add a new server.


After you add a new server, you will find the list is grouped by database.