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Rdp in mstsc.exe mode

What is "mstsc.exe mode"

In this mode, rdp session will be start by run command mstsc.exe xxxx.rdp in cmd.

Why "mstsc.exe mode"

When our user using 2 monitors with different scale ratios and wants to go to full-all-screens, we didn't find a solution to handle this 2 different scale ratios on Remote Desktop ActiveX control.


Then we make 1Remote check user's monitor resolution and scale ratios before a multi-monitors full-screen rdp session start. If we found 2 monitors with different scale ratios, a temp file 'xxxx.rdp' will be created and 1Remote will call cmd command mstsc.exe xxxx.rdp to start the session.

Additional settings

In the process of development, we found it in the .rdp file there are many settings that Remote Desktop ActiveX control can't access.

such as:

setting description
selectedmonitors:s:0,2 When you connect 3 monitors, this setting allow you only uses the NO.0 & NO.2 display to display the remote desktop. The NO.1 display will continue to display your local desktop. Using cmd mstsc /l can see the number of the monitors
redirectcomports:i:1 Redirect the COM port of the local machine to the remote session.
desktopwidth:i:800 Specifies the resolution width (in pixels) of the remote session to 800pix.
desktopheight:i:600 Specifies the resolution height (in pixels) of the remote session to 600pix.

For example, I have 3 monitors, and I want to use the NO.1 & NO.2 display for remote desktop, and keep NO.0 as my local desktop:


more settings: