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Using Pre- and Post-Connection Scripts in 1Remote

1Remote is a remote access application that allows users to establish connections to remote computers. One of its features is the ability to run pre- and post-connection scripts. These scripts can be written in cmd(.bat), PowerShell(.ps1) or Python(*.py) and can be used to perform various tasks before a connection is established or after it disconnected.

uml diagram

To facilitate the script in identify each sessions, 1Remote will start the script with SESSION_ID, SERVER_ID, SERVER_NAME, and SERVER_HOST as environment variables.


Noted:For the same server, the SESSION_ID for each session is different, while SERVER_ID, SERVER_NAME, and SERVER_HOST remain the same.

Setting Up Scripts

To set up a script in 1Remote:

  1. Find a place to keep your script files, and create scripts there.
  2. Navigate to the Edit page of your server in 1Remote.
  3. Click the Select button and select the script file you want.


  4. Click Test button to test the script, the debug info will popup.


  5. If it is all green, click Save button to save.

  6. Then your script will be run every time you start this server.

Example Pre-Connection Script

Here is an example of a script. The script will be executed in the directory where the script file is.

$sessionID = $env:SESSION_ID
$serverID = $env:SERVER_ID
$serverName = $env:SERVER_NAME
$serverHost = $env:SERVER_HOST
$serverTags = $env:SERVER_TAGS

echo "SESSION_ID: $sessionID"
echo "SERVER_ID: $serverID"
echo "SERVER_NAME: $serverName"
echo "SERVER_HOST: $serverHost"
echo "SERVER_TAGS: $serverTags"

Set-Content -Path "temp.txt" -Value "SESSION_ID: $sessionID`r`nSERVER_ID: $serverID`r`nSERVER_NAME: $serverName`r`nSERVER_HOST: $serverHost`r`SERVER_TAGS: $serverTags"

# in the script before connect:
# TODO: save $sessionID into file in pre-connect script
# TODO: if $serverTags contains "HOME" then open VPN1
# TODO: if $serverTags contains "WORK" then open VPN2

# in the script after disconnected:
# TODO: read $sessionID from file in post-connect script
# TODO: if $sessionID == "12345" then close VPN1
# TODO: if $sessionID == "ABCDE" then close VPN2

# do some long time jobs, like opening a VPN
sleep 3

# exit with non-zero will terminate your connection request.
exit 0

A typical application is to open a VPN before establishing a remote connection, and automatically close the VPN after terminating the remote connection.

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