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Make 1Remote Stronger

If you like 1Remote, help us make it stronger by doing any of the following:

  1. Simply star the repository
  2. Help translation
  3. Join DE
  4. Buy me a coffee

    (Thank you all for your generous donations. I apologize for not listing the names of the donors here. The donations will be used for various expenses related to app development, such as server costs, domain registration, Windows Hello hardware for testing, luckin coffee, electricity bills, late-night takeaway, etc. :)


若你有意愿参与到 1Remote, 的改进,这些是你可以做的:

  1. 给个 star 让更多人看到这个项目
  2. 帮助翻译
  3. 参与开发
  4. 加入 QQ 群讨论 (168542318)
  5. 请我喝杯咖啡

    (感谢大家慷慨捐赠,请恕我在此不列出捐赠者名单,捐赠将用于APP开发相关的指出。以下是一些典型用例:服务器、域名、测试用的Windows hello硬件、瑞幸咖啡、空调电费、夜宵外卖等😀)


Latest Version:

Preview build
Old PRemoteM
Stable EXE build
Old PRemoteM
Microsoft Store build
Auto update
Other features ✅ + 💥New Features
Price Free Free 💲1.99 Free
Download From GitHub Nightly From GitHub Microsoft Store
Installer choco install 1remote choco install premotem winget install premotem


  • Require Windows10 17763 and above to run this app.
  • Windows7, Windows8, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 are not supported to run this app.

💥New Features in Preview: